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Course Franchise Pro

Discover our step-by-step business roadmap that will enable you to roll out your own high-quality online course business in record time.

Our franchise model helps you set up, automate, and scale up operations, turning you into a successful, efficient and independent course seller. With or without your own face (UGC).


Statistics indicate that courses on how to make money online are among the best-selling worldwide. Each year, the demand grows for comprehensive, step-by-step guides that offer a 'done-for-you' roadmap to generate income online.

Visually appealing and well-structured online courses are often successful because they tap into the robust demand for effective ways to earn money online. One primary reason for their success is the surprisingly low competition in the market for high-quality courses. Despite the growing demand, very few people have the skills and capacity to develop a comprehensive 16-module course. This creates a noticeable gap in the market, as producing such detailed content is both challenging and time-consuming. Right now, your chances of success in launching a highly rewarding business model are exceptionally strong.

We have discovered that having experience in a field is not specially necessary for successfully selling a course in a certain niche, as long as the presentation is strong you can basically sell any course into the millions $.

We have made it accessible to tap into the ever-increasing demand for make-money-online solutions through our online franchise business model. A ready-made, high-quality course awaits you to sell as your own. And our franchise formula helps you to leverage this market to the moon.

For more in dept information on Course Franchise Pro, watch the Course Franchise
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Discover Our Course Franchise Opportunities

An Easy to Follow Franchise Formula

Step-by-Step Franchise Formula

We don't just let you sell online courses on your own. The franchise includes a comprehensive and sophisticated, step-by-step business plan to guide you from start to realizing the maximum profit potential.

The Franchise:

  • Easy to Follow Course Set Up

  • Branding Guide

  • Online Course Marketing Ads Strategy

  • Influencers Course Marketing Strategy

  • High Quality Content Creation + Podcast Strategy

  • Personal Development

  • Ai Tools

  • Million Dollar Scale-Up Strategy

Bonus: ​

  • Bio Hacks

  • Mind Expansion

  • Travel Hacks

Our Licensing Process

  • CHOOSE: Explore our list of courses and select the one of your interest

  • ACCESS: After licensing the course, you'll swiftly receive access to the member area and be able to download all the necessary tools and content to start your journey.

  • CUSTOMIZE: to Your Vision: You have the freedom to alter the course name, pricing, descriptions, and edit individual videos

  • START: your 6-weeks A to Z franchise formula journey to launch your course like a pro

  • KEEP: What You Earn: Enjoy 100% of the revenue from the sales you generate

  • ONGOING: support: Our franchise team is committed to your success. Count on us to guide you as you build your eLearning business

  • STAY: updated: Whenever we make improvements or updates to the courses, we'll promptly upload them to your Dropbox folder in the member area. You'll always have access to the latest content

Community of Top-Performing Franchisees

High Achievers Club

A unique part of our platform is our High Achievers Club. A close and supportive community with our most high achiever franchisees, together we celebrate, collaborate, and empower each other towards greatness.

Every year, Course Franchise Pro invites 50 franchisees to gather, bringing together the most remarkable and high-achieving individuals, each with their unique success stories and networks. We host lavish meet-ups, parties, feature special guests, and provide partnering opportunities.

Member requirements: A Franchisee achieved earnings of at least $200.000,- with Course Franchise Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Online Course Franchise?

An Online Course Franchise is a business opportunity that allows individuals to operate their own digital learning platform using our established curriculum, technology, and support.

How does the Online Course Franchise work?

Our platform provides you with a ready-made online course system. You'll receive access to our course materials, technology, and marketing resources to run your own e-learning business.

What types of courses are available in the franchise?

We offer a range of courses across various subjects and industries. Our catalog includes online courses on making money online, personal development, and more. You can choose the courses that best fit your target audience.

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